Frequently asked questions

About how much do these make in total?

You would probably be looking at roughly 4 gallons of beads once hydrated. 1 tbsp makes about 8 Cups and there are a little over 8 tbsp per bag.

The directions say to add one tablespoon to one gallon of water. Are the drops supposed to absorb that full gallon of water?

No there will still be some water left over. They can be played with in the left over water or you can drain the excess water. The directions are just an estimate for a good water to bead ratio but its definitely flexible you can adjust the amounts per your liking.

Are the beads reusable after they've dried up?

Yes they are, a good way to do it is put them on a cookie sheet out in the sun and they will shrink back small dry beads once all the water is released out of them.

What are the dimensions on the animal toys?

They vary a little bit depending on the animal. In general they are about 2 inches long and about 1 inch tall.