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"These are so cool!! My boys (7years and 3years) had a blast watching them grow and playing with them. The packaging says it may take up to 8 hours to grow but it was definitely much quicker than that. Maybe half the time."

"As a teacher and a mom with young children, I have used these type of water beads before and was excited when given the opportunity to try these ones! These are pretty sturdy beads, and I love the combo with the toys. My two and a half year old daughter spent a good hour and a half with these a couple days in a row. I love that these are non-toxic, and safe for my kids."

"The ocean creatures were a nice sensory add in - they both add a fun thing to hunt for when you're playing with the beads with your hands, and an extra sensory input when you're putting your feet in the beads."

"These are awesome and a little goes a long way with a high entertainment factor for my kids ranging from 3-11. Fun out of or in the bathtub."

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