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Water Beads Sensory Bin Dinosaur Themed Set - Fine Motor Skills Toy for Kids - Tactile Sensory Kit

Water Beads Sensory Bin Dinosaur Themed Set - Fine Motor Skills Toy for Kids - Tactile Sensory Kit

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  • Dew Drops Dinosaur Discovery Set Includes 4 oz of Sea Colored Beads and 16 Dinosaur Animal Toys
  • Sensory play hours of fun, stress relief, decoration, great for projects!Approx 10,000 beads, sold by weight
  • Water beads are non-toxic & colorfast. 
  • Dew Drops Water Beads are the most amazing color palette available! Great Orbeez Replacement.
  • Marble-sized when fully hydrated – shrinks to original size when dry! Add desired amount of beads to water.

Children on the spectrum or with ADD ADHD and sensory processing disorder SPD often benefit from sensory activities because they can help soothe and train kids to process sensory information in a non-overwhelming way. Providing fun sensory activities for kids with disabilities is essential. Neurotypicals are generally able to disregard unnecessary sensory activity while individuals who struggle to process information taken in through the senses. That is why we created Dew Drops Kits. They make a safe, affordable, and easy activity for kids of all ages. These beads may even be able to help you better understand your child's sensory preferences and sensitivities. They are sure to awaken your child’s senses and spark the imagination. When fully hydrated, these beads grow to about the size of a marble. Each of our beads is made from non-toxic material and will shrink back to their original size when dry. This way, they can be used over and over again, so the fun never stops! For best results, add 1 tbsp of dry beads to ½ gallon of water. This will yield about 8 full cups of fully hydrated beads! One bag of beads will make enough to repeat this process about 8 times total. Store the dry beads indoors at room temperature. Adult supervision required. These gel polymer beads are interchangeable with Foot Spa. Do not ingest. Non-toxic. Along with these expandable water beads, we have included many themed toys for children to use. Playing with each of these tools will help children tune their fine motor skills, making the tools great for kids struggling to write and do other small tasks. Rather than sitting them in front of the television, mentally stimulate them by providing a fun activity like sifting through and creating fun games with water globe beads. Dew Drops are a great learning resource and offer a helping hand for fine motor skill development.Also a Great Therapy Toy for autistic and special needed children and kids.

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"Sensory play enhances children's creativity and imagination by allowing them to explore, experiment, and create in an open-ended and unstructured manner."

- Children Experts

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